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All Aboard Fullsteam Brewery!

This past weekend, I had a hankering to go out on the town- in a sustainable fashion! On Friday, Ryan and I had a double date with my friend Lynn and her boyfriend Joe. Lynn is also in the graduate nutrition program at Meredith College, so we were both excited to drive out to Durham and check out Fullsteam Brewery. This local, Southern-style bar is one of the most unique places I have ever been to in North Carolina! Fullsteam Brewery is kid-friendly, dog-friendly, and game-friendly, with a variety of darts, ping pong, and pinball to choose from. The brewery is open for tours, and also has a cozy bar area filled with picnic tables. Fullsteam offers a variety of beer, snacks, and late-night food carts to suite everyone’s fancy. They also offer music, open mic nights, and yoga sessions (cool!) at their facility every month. Fullsteam Brewery focuses on local ingredients, southern flavors, and great service.

Fullsteam offers 6 year-round beers and several seasonal beers on tap. I had the pleasure of trying four of the beers, each with a unique flavor and texture to them. I tried the Carver Sweet Potato, Rocket Science IPA, Southern Lager, and Summer Basil Farmhouse. I really enjoyed the Rocket Science IPA, which was tart, bitter, and thirst-quenching. I also really enjoyed the Southern Lager, which had a robust flavor and many different aftertastes. The Summer Basil was probably my least favorite brew of the night, but I will never forget the taste of it. It is actually brewed with basil from Elysian Farms in Cedar Grove, NC. To me, it tasted like tomato soup- but Ryan seemed to love it!


Curry Spice Cookies...they taste so much better than they sound!

We also indulged in a few cookies from the South Durham Confection Company. I have heard many good things about this company, known for their unique flavor combinations. These cookies are more savory than sweet, and are best when paired with specific beers. Some of their flavors include blue cheese, cranberry & rosemary, cornmeal & thyme, and toasted sesame. Tonight, however, we tried the curry spice cookies, filled with all of the savory and tangy ingredients that can be found in an Indian or Thai dish. The cookies are made with whole wheat flour and barley, along with a multitude of herbs and spices- these were about the most nutritious cookie you can find! As skeptical as I was taking a bite into this cookie, it was surprisingly delicious! The cookie has many flavor tones to it- for instance, when you first bite into the cookie you can taste cinnamon and nutmeg, but after you swallow the cookie, you can taste the curry, cumin, and coriander. This cookie is best paired with Rocket Science IPA beer- yummy!

I strongly recommend that you check out Fullsteam Brewery– your taste buds will be in for quite a treat! And while you’re at it, relax at the picnic tables or play a game of darts with your friends. It is guaranteed to be a good time!

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NOFO @ The Pig “Unfinished Projects” Book Signing

NOFO @ The Pig hosts poet (and my practicum advisor!) Alice Osborn in a book signing of her latest poetry collection. NOFO is an eclectic restaurant housed in the former Piggly Wiggly Store in the Five Points neighborhood of Raleigh. On Sundays, this unique cafe and gift shop features an outstanding menu. I strongly recommend that you come check out the restaurant and meet Alice this Sunday!

For more info, please visit

Sunday, June 12th


Location: NOFO @ The Pig, 2014 Fairview Road, Raleigh, NC 27608

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