10 Thoughts on Whole Living

I am a big fan of Genna Gerngross’ healthy living blog, “Diary of a Food Runner.” I went to high school with Genna in the Philadelphia area, and she has recently moved to North Carolina to pursue a culinary arts degree. She has come up with some fabulous vegan and vegetarian meal ideas that I cannot wait to try! One day while pursuing through her recipes, I stumbled upon a post she entitled “10 Thoughts on Whole Living.” Because the purpose of this blog is to provide healthy, local, and sustainable information to the community, this list was right up my alley to review and post.

I have to say that I couldn’t have discovered this list at a more important time in my life. Through all of the newfound changes that have occurred in my life, this list has reassured me in so many ways. I found the list so amazing, honest, and true to life that I had to continue to pass this list on to you all! Please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions!

10 Thoughts on Whole Living

1. A meal shared with family and friends sustains you in more ways than one.

2. Gratitude cannot always change circumstances, but it can help you see beyond them.

3. With rejection comes decision: you can either turn back or find a new way forward.

4. Feeling restless may be a sign that you haven’t sat still long enough.

5. Stop seeing life as a problem to be solved and, instead, as a mystery to be enjoyed.

6. Sometimes you have to travel to a new place to rediscover the old you.

7. To make the best use of your intuition, think less and listen more.

8. Give above and beyond what you think will help.

9. Rather than worry about how your body should look, focus on how you want it to feel.

10. Virtuous and delicious aren’t mutually exclusive; the most nourishing foods can also be the most delightful.





  1. Genna said

    This is AWESOME, Ashley! I just stumbled upon your blog and was really, really grateful to find this tidbit featured. Love it and can’t wait to read more from you!

  2. Thanks! I enjoy reading your blog too, and I have this list hung right above my desk!

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