Donate to the Interfaith Food Shuttle!


The holidays are a time for giving, sharing, and helping others in need. I am obviously a big promoter of health and nutrition, and in my opinion, access to healthy food should be a basic human right. This year, I have decided to donate food to the Interfaith Food Shuttle (IFFS) located in Raleigh, NC. This organization has really grown over the years, and collects food donations from the community, local restaurants, and farmers markets. They also participate in a wide variety of nutrition, gardening, and farming programs and are truly a great resource for nutrition education. For example, Interfaith Food Shuttle runs a “Backback Buddies” program, where they provide children in need with enough healthy snacks to last them through the weekend. In addition, they offer a “Cooking Matters” class, which teaches participants how to get the most nutrition out of their limited budget. The IFFS is always looking for enthusiastic volunteers and people to donate food to their pantry.

I have decided this year to donate a bag of groceries to the Interfaith Food Shuttle to help them through the holiday season, and I hope you will too! Katherine Andrew is a Registered Dietitian and the Director o Nutrition, Farms, and Gardens at IFFS. She recommends to drop off food donations at their Centennial Drive location, across the street from the State Farmers Market. They are open from 8am-4pm Monday-Saturday, and they are closed on Sundays.

The Interfaith Food Shuttle accepts both perishable (fresh fruits and vegetables, breads, etc) and non-perishable items to help out families in need. I strongly urge you to donate HEALTHY food items to their pantry, and items that you would find acceptable to feed your own friends and family. Too often we find ourselves cleaning out our own pantries only to donate the less nutritious and expired food items to the food bank. It is important to donate healthy food items not only too keep our community healthy, but to respect everyone’s right to access nutritious foods.

Here are some healthy food donation ideas:

  • Canned tuna, chicken, or salmon in water
  • No salt added canned vegetables
  • No sugar added canned fruits
  • Whole wheat pasta or bread
  • Brown rice
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Dry cereal (Kashi, Cheerios, Fiber One, etc)
  • Canister of oatmeal
  • Low sodium canned soup or broths
  • Natural peanut butter, almond butter
  • Low sugar or sugar-free jelly
  • Dried or low-sodium canned beans and peas

Every little bit helps!

For more information about how to volunteer or donate food, please visit:


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