15 Minute Meal Makeover

I have decided to include a new segment in my “Fresh From the Farm” blog posts…simply called “15 Minute Meal Makeovers!” I will be taking very basic meals that one would eat for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and finding simple ways to increase the nutrient content of the meal. This may include incorporating an additional fruit or vegetable to round out the meal or swapping one ingredient for a more nutritious one! Either way, your simple meal will easily be filled with good-for-you ingredients and better nutritional value!

Let’s check out our first meal….the classic tuna sandwich.

A typical tuna fish sandwich consists of tuna fish packed in oil, mixed with mayo, and placed on two pieces of white bread. There may be an occasional slice of lettuce or tomato on the sandwich. Check out the few simple substitutions I made to make this ordinary sandwich into a zesty and colorful tuna sandwich. I used many of the ingredients that I found from my friend’s garden and my weekly CSA box.

A simple tuna sandwich can be healthified!

1. Choose whole wheat bread instead of white bread (I used Sara Lee’s Whole Wheat Bread- only 45 calories per slice!)

2. Choose tuna fish packed in water, this instantly reduces the caloric content of the sandwich

3. Include various diced vegetables in with your tuna fish. For example, I included diced jalapeños and diced yellow onion for some sweet and spicy texture.

4. Use a reduced fat or vegan based mayonnaise. You don’t even need to include mayo if you don’t like it, but I used Trader Joe’s vegan mayo to add a little flavor, without all the fat.

5. Add plenty of fresh vegetables to the sandwich to pump up the flavor and the volume of your meal. I chopped up some fresh banana peppers, tomatoes to include on my sandwich.

6. Include an additional fruit or vegetable as a side item. For example, I sliced up some red bell peppers to use as my side instead of chips or fries.


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