America’s 20 Best Farmers Markets

Promote Farmers Markets in Your State

The news is out! Researchers have finally started to be more concerned about local and seasonal foods in our county, and have gathered some statistical data about farmer’s markets in our country. According to this article, “figures released from the U.S. Department of Agriculture in early August revealed that the number of markets in the U.S. has grown 17 percent, with some states seeing up to 46 percent more farmer’s markets this year than last.” This is wonderful news! Not only are people being more conscious about their eating habits, but this is a great boost to our local economy.

Unfortunately, North Carolina did not make the top 20 market rankings this year. Which quite honestly, I don’t understand why…we have some pretty amazing farmer’s markets and CSA programs here! Anyways, you can check out the results here:

Another great resource that this article referred to was On this website, you can actually vote for your favorite farmer’s market, and check out what the top 5 farmer’s markets are in your state. According to this website, the Durham Farmer’s Market is the most popular market in North Carolina. You can also register for a free “No Foods, No Farms” bumper sticker on this website as well!

For more information, check out:


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