A Taste of Success

A Trip to the State Farmer's Market

I can finally announce that my graduate practicum project is complete! I have worked well over my 150-hour practicum requirement, and have learned so much along the way. My biggest accomplishment throughout this project has been starting up my “Fresh From the Farm” blog. In addition, I have published my first “Fresh From the Farm” cookbook, which is available on http://www.Lulu.com. I have learned an incredible amount during my “local food adventures.” For example, I have had the opportunity to visit various farms, farmer’s markets, and farm-to-table restaurants in order to find information and inspiration for my blog posts. In addition, I have had a wonderful experience at Hilltop Farms, where I purchased my first CSA membership and completed a workshare on the farm. I can now say that I truly know what it is like to work on a farm! Finally, I participated in several canning and gardening classes through NC State Cooperative Extension and learned how to can salsa, jams, pickles, and green beans!

I have certainly had my struggles completing this practicum project throughout the summer. For instance, many times I lacked the time or energy to cook or prepare everything that I wanted to display on my blog. I also lacked a lot of funds that were needed to purchase extra ingredients for recipes- thank god the majority of the ingredients I needed came from my CSA box! However, I have really enjoyed sprucing up my skills in the kitchen, and being creative with my dishes! It was all worth it in the end…

I have been thankful enough to have over 1,000 total hits on my blog since my premier in May, which was my ultimate goal. I have also had so much fun writing over 30 blog posts about fresh, local, and sustainable foods and programs. Thanks to everyone for reading and commenting on each and every one of my blog posts, because your support has inspired me to continue learning, teaching, and writing about nutrition!

This practicum experience has been a wonderful personally, professionally, and creatively. I have been able to network with so many local food experts, farmers, and chefs (among many others), and they have all taught me something new and exciting about my profession. I hope to use my newfound knowledge and cooking skills throughout my career as a Registered Dietitian. Thank you for all of your continued support and advice. I hope that I have continued success as a blogger and food writer.

I hope you all continue to eat healthy and locally grown foods, and I also hope you continue to read my posts on “Fresh From the Farm.” As always, remember to know your food, and know your local farmer!



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