Walking Fish: A Community-Supported Fisheries Project

After taking a Gastronomy class in graduate school last semester, my professor Dr. Fisher informed us about a new and upcoming project that was occurring on the Carolina shoreline- a community supported fisheries program (CSF). I am not a huge fish fanatic, but it seemed very environmentally friendly and sustainable, so wanted to look into this program a little deeper. After visiting the farmer’s market last weekend, I stumbled upon some additional information about this CSF, and wanted to share this with you all!

What is a CSF?

This program is based on the Community-Supported Agriculture model (CSA), which you already know that I love! A Community-Supported Fishery (CSF) is a program that connects local fishermen to local consumers. The local CSF in the Triangle area is the “Walking Fish CSF.”

What is the goal of a CSF?

The idea behind the fisheries project is quite simple- to provide long-term solutions and recognize the interconnectedness of ecological, economic, and socio-cultural systems.

Goal 1: To support traditional coastal communities by fostering economic opportunities that support resource-based livelihoods.

Goal 2: To encourage an ethic of ecological stewardship that results in creative, community-based approaches to conservation.

Goal 3: To cultivate a healthy community and ties within and between North Carolina’s rural and urban sectors.

How Does a CSF Work?

This program works strikingly similar to a CSA. Members pre-pay for a season of fresh, locally harvested fish. Members can choose their share based on delivery frequency, share size, and degree of processing. Fishing seasons usually last 10-12 weeks.

The fish is caught and processed Monday-Wednesday, and transported to Durham on Thursday. Members meet at the pick-up site to receive thei fresh fish, it’s as simple as that! Weekly emails announce the species that will be delivered each week, and also provide recipes and special cooking or storage instructions.

What Makes Walking Fish CSF Special?

Walking Fish is now in their second SOLD-OUT CSF season, and our community has really become interested and excited about this type of local food.

~In 2009, over 400 members participated, and even more participated in 2010.

~Over 11 different species were provided during the last 12 week season

~Over 95% of the current Walking Fish members say they are satisfied or very satisfied with the shares they receive, and would reccommend this program to others.

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