Canning Adventures…Continued

On June 6th, I had the pleasure of attending the “From the Garden to the Pantry” class with Jessica Oswald. This class was held at the Caswell County Agricultural Building from 10am-2pm, and reviewed the basics of gardening and canning.

Canning requires some extensive equipment, and the cheapest place to purchase the equipment made by Ball is at Wal-Mart. I would estimate that purchasing all of the necessary canning equipment would probably cost $50-$75, but think of all of the money that you save while preserving your seasonal produce for years to come! The following pictures show some of the equipment needed to can properly:

Utensil Kit for Canning, made by Ball Brand


Pressure Canning Equipment


Canning Jars and Pressure Canning Gauges


Various canning ingredients and utensils! (The basic water bath canner is located in the top right of this picture)

Here are some of the subjects and techniques that were discussed during this canning overview class:

~Good Agricultural Practices (aka Gardening 101)

~Canning Basics

~Pressure canning (this is different than a water bath canner, and is used commonly for preserving green beans)

~Preparing and Packing Foods

~Boiling water bath canning (this method is commonly used for acidic foods such as fruits, jams, and jellies)

~Jams and Jellies



~Flavored oils and vinegars

~Drying herbs

Check out your local NC Cooperative Extension events and services for more canning information in your county!

…stay tuned for more canning adventures next month!


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