Local Food Apps

Although I do not have a smart phone, I think it is important to promote the new apps that are available for techno-savvy consumers to enjoy! They are really useful, fun, and inexpensive. They are tempting enough for me to consider purchasing a smart phone in the near future! Check out these awesome phone apps to download this summer!

Locavore ($2.99, iPhone)

This app helps you find the freshest local food by telling you what produce is in season in your area. It also finds new farms and farmers’ markets in your area. This app also includes links to recipes using seasonal ingredients. The app is easy to use, offers reminders about the importance of eating seasonally, and may inspire you to try more kinds of produce than you typically would!

Soleil Organics ($0.99, iPhone, Android)

This app is great to help determine which conventionally grown foods have the highest pesticide levels and which are considered “safe.” If you are currently on  budget, or trying to save money, this is a great app to use at the grocery store or farmers’ market. It makes it easier to prioritize your money will still being health conscious! This app includes a database of common produce in addition to meats, dairy, grains, and seafood. Finally, it offers tips on how to shop organic, and includes a glossary of common labeling terms.

Whole Foods Market Recipes (Free, iPhone, Web)

This app makes it easy to plan affordable, delicious, and nutritious meals for you and your family! It makes it easy to find the ingredients for your meals in the grocery store, using the healtheist ingredients available. This app includes hundreds of healthy recipes sorted by course, or searchable by keyword. Once you found some quality recipes, it provides nutrition facts for each recipes, including calories, fat, fiber, and sodium. Finally, it allows you to email recipes or add the ingredients to the in-app shopping list- how convenient!

Are there other smart-phone apps that you have downloaded and enjoy using? If so, please share with us!


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