What’s in the Box? Week 8

  As the sweltering summer heat infiltrates the Triangle, the weekly CSA produce has slowly started to change. Today, I was surprised to see radishes and swiss chard on the table! Kale and lettuce almost out of season, and should only be around for a week or two more. I have NO idea what to do with swiss chard yet, but I made sure to get a bunch of it, because I am excited to explore some new recipes this week! Here is what was in my CSA this week:

1 pint sugar snap peas

1 pint snow peas

1# kale and swiss chard mix

 3 spring onions

Napa cabbage

5 radishes

1/2 # broccoli

Stay tuned for some new recipes within the next week!




  1. Martha Fonville said

    Here’s one way I enjoy chard: After thoroughly washing, remove the large stems and cut the leaves into small-ish pieces. Cover a baking sheet with non-stick foil, arrange the chard in more or less a single layer, drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with coarse salt and/or other seasonings. Some leaf overlap is OK since they’ll shrink during cooking. Bake around 375 degrees, turning with tongs regularly. When the chard begins to get crispy, turn the heat off, and let sit in the oven until they’re quite crispy.

    Wonderful food blog! Thanks for your efforts. I’m not in a CSA this year, but am buying local and organic as much as possible, which is quite possible as summer approaches in NC!

  2. Thanks, Martha! I am glad you are enjoying the blog…it has been a great experience putting this all together! I will be sure to try your recipe suggestion this week, it sounds delicious…I have tried the same technique with kale and it was tasty!

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