Hilltop Farms CSA Membership Information

Hilltop Farms

Community Supported Agriculture Membership Information

25 Weeks: April 11th– October 31st, 2011

No pick-up July 4th-7th, and 3 weeks in September

$430 Workshare, including 10 hours of farm work

Recieve approximately $25 worth of produce each week

Perks: Spring social, pick yer’ own strawberries

Farm Location: 6612 Kennebec Road, Willow Springs, NC 27592

Drop-off Site: St. Cyril Church, 2510 Piney Plains Road, Cary, NC 4:30-6pm

Owners: Fred and Virginia Miller



What’s in the CSA Box?

This is a compiled list of the produce that I have recieved thus far during my CSA membership….more to come!

Week 1: April 11th


Bok Choi

Red Kale

Romaine, Red leaf lettuce

Spring onions: yellow, red, white

Week 2: April 18th

Mizuna/Arugula blend

Baby poc choi


Spring onions: red, yellow, white


Romaine, Red Bibb lettuce

2 types of Kale

Week 3: April 25th


4 Radishes

1 Turnip

2 broccoli

1 bag Spinach

Red and Green Kale

Spring Onions: red, white

Week 4: May 5th


Bunch of Radishes

1 Turnip



Mustard Greens

2 types of Kale

Poc Choi

Chinese cabbage

Snow peas

Romaine, Red Bibb lettuce

Week 5: May 11th

1 pint strawberries

½ # broccoli

2 types of Kale

Bok Choi, Tatsoi mix

Napa cabbage

Romaine, Green Leaf Lettuce

Snow peas

Sugar Snap peas

Week 6: May 18th

½ # broccoli

1 pint sugar snap peas

1 pint snow peas

1 bunch spring onions- white, yellow, red

Red bibb lettuce

Green leaf lettuce

1 turnip

2 beets

2 types of kale (red, green, Dino)

Mustard greens


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