5 Great Benefits to Joining a CSA

There are so many CSA’s to choose from throughout the country, and so many reasons to invest in a CSA! The best way to research various CSA’s in your area is to visit http://www.localharvest.org/csa. For my graduate project, I have decided to join the Hilltop Farms CSA in Willow Springs, NC. It has been a wonderful experience so far! Here are just some of the great reasons to join the CSA club:

1. Enhance your health– CSA boxes are full of fresh, organic, seasonal fruits and vegetables, so it is easy to consume plenty of vitamins, minerals, and fiber!
2. Try something new– with a CSA box, you are able to discover new fruits, vegetables, herbs, and maybe even meats that you cannot find in the grocery store.
3. Reconnect with the land– not only do you pick up fresh produce weekly from your designated farm, but there are plenty of opportunities to work on a farm, gain experience, get your hands dirty, and learn about food!
4. Help Mother Nature– save time, energy, and money by purchasing local food from local farmers! Your food also won’t be shipped long distances or cross-country, so food is fresh and healthy!
5. Get to know your farmers- you have a refreshing opportunity to connect with the people who grow your food.



  1. 5 great reasons! And, I get to try out some things that I haven’t had before like Jerusalem artichokes and black radishes.

  2. Samantha Reiff said

    Hi Ashley! What a great idea with a lot of value for others as well as yourself. I loved your account of picking peas and kale, and starting from the dirt level to develop your idea. I have bookmarked your blog and will continue to check in. Your recipes provide realistic ways of working with all of this abundant spring and summer produce. Keep it up!

  3. Hey Sam! I am so glad you are enjoying the information on the blog. If you have any recipe suggestions along the way that you have tried, let me know!

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